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Book of Trapfirmations


Have you ever felt unheard or overlooked? It’s like everyone is around, but no one sees you. And it seems like when a song comes on the radio, it’s able to articulate exactly how you feel. Somehow, some way, the artist feels where you’re coming from. All of a sudden you know you’re not crazy or alone and you feel refreshed to know that someone else thinks like you so you can’t be wrong. This Book of Trapfirmations helps you:

  • Break down your thoughts and interpretations

  • Changes your way of thinking

  • Create a mental outlet

  • Gain mental clarity

  • Provide perspective

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Trap Journal

Release Date 9.25.19

From the Trap Stationary collection, comes your very own rap pad. A perfect bound, blank page notebook to pen your thoughts, favorite lyrics, upcoming assignments, business plan or anything else that you desire! 




Book of Trapfirmations

Release Date 9.25.19

iAmSherieP has curated the first edition of a book of emotional support and encouraging statements to help you challenge and overcome thoughts of negativity through lyricism. Available in Ebook for your Kindle and paperback!



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Trap Planner


Perfect for the upcoming enTRAPerneur. This planner helps you establish priorities for your business, finances, and your future. Through a yearlong journey, The Trap Planner will guide you into your place of profit. Available in different sizes.


$ 32.99

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