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Time and time again, the question is asked, "Sheriè, what exactly do you do?" and the answer is always "WHATEVER it takes!" But to break that down and make it clear, Sheriè is a full time entrepreneur that dedicates her time to enhancing the lives and businesses of others. She has worked with and created a stronger social media and geographical presence for brands and businesses alike. Additionally, Sheriè manages and books talents in the entertainment industry throughout the country. From DJ's, hosts, photographers, and even event coordinators, she curates a full experience for her clients and theirs! She manages her client's calendars, handles their bookings, negotiates contracts, and ensures they get paid! After all, that's why we're working so hard! But don't disregard her hand in the community as she has worked with many nonprofits. Sheriè's philanthropic heart has created an avenue to push community initiatives and make an impact in multiple cities. With over a decade of experience in creating, organizing, and participating with events, Sheriè's own talents are spilling over into other creative categories including project management and publications. While these next endeavors are in process, take a look at what some of Sheriè's clients have had to say!

Mission Statement

I believe in creating your reality and living your dreams. With accountability, creativity, and integrity, I work to help make your dreams come true.

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What People Say

What a client says, says more than I could ever say

I couldn't do any of this without Sheriè. From the grand opening to the special events to even the day to day events. She just gets it.  And her patience... Man! Thank you, Sheriè!

Client: Dynasty Event Lounge

Service: Business Bestfrens